Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chris's second trip to Rite Aid!

This one was even better than the first trip! I found out that there was another meter giving overage as well even more overage and Chris got ballsy and used them both at the same time!
He got:
2-packs of Huggies
1-tub of Huggies wipes
1- big pack of Viva paper towels
1- 3lb tub of sugar
1-bottle of Tide
1- Freedom meter
1-Aviva meter (sale price was 19.99)
1-$25 gift card for Lowes
1-$25 gift card for Express

1-$45 off for Freedom meter
1-Free Aviva meter (it says free but really it takes off $75!)

His OOP was $1.21!
I will also get back a $10 gift card and $2 for the diapers

It was a savings of $120.99!!

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