Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awesome deals at Walgreens this week!

I'm loving Walgreens this week. When I post these deals I take in that fact that you already know the coupon lingo and if you dont ask and I can explain it a little better. All these deals are courtesy of my Babycenter coupon thread. Thanks ladies!

TOTAL: 6.49 plus get a 7.99 RR on next purchase so Free
SALE: 7.99
MQ: 1.50 Blink ***$2/1 in 3/1 RP
AD Q: pg.14
RR: buy 1 get 7.99 RR
MATH: 7.99 - 1.50 = 6.49 -7.99 RR = +1.50
$10 RR wyb $25 or more products.
Walgreens instant formula Sale $2off
25% off selected baby products : J&J, Desitin

J & J $25 get $10 RR

Buy combination of 15 oz lotions or 14 oz baby oils to total $25.

Use the coloring book Q. for $1 off each - make sure to get qualifying items.
Added by **Kooopons**
Items that qualify for RR and coloring book Q

15 oz Johnsons bedtime lotion- white AND purple bottles- these are more expensive than the other lotion

15 oz Johnsons pink lotion- cheaper than bedtime.

14 oz baby oil- aloe vera green lid and pink lid regular

The powder on sale is too small to qualify for the coloring book coupon, the coloring book coupon is for 22 oz. and the powder on sale is 15oz.

Also use $1/1 johnson & johnsons coupons from 1/4 RP, 2/22 RP and coming up in the 3/8 RP.

Coloring book coupon and mnf cpns will take $16 off of total.

Get a $10 RR.

When you do this deal the 1st time there will be a catalina that prints for $3 off 3 different J & J products. Use that the next time for a better deal.

Sambucol overage!

Posted by angeloeyes
There is a $4 off printable PDF, yes I said it! PDF......for Sambucol. Hee-hee. Save it! There is a IVC in this months book for $10 off Sambucol. Free with overage, sambucol. If your store allows overage. Free at the minimum. All month long!!!!!!!!!

Linky to sambucol coupon. Save this or you will regret it!!!!

Thanks Fannie for this cheat sheet:

DOVE Buy 4 Select Dove Products get $2, Buy 6 get $6, Buy 8 Get $10 -- 3/01/09 - 3/28/09

  • Trial Size Dove 2.6oz bars (does not qualify for in-ad cpn)
  • Dove 3.15oz bars (yes to in-ad cpn)
  • Trial Size Deo (use 1/18RP $1.50/2 deo)

Vaseline Lotion Deal Buy 1 get 2rr (below are working)

  • Total Moisture Conditioning Lotion 10 oz (clearanced)
  • Cocoabutter working (clearanced)
  • Rescue (clearanced)
  • Men's vaseline body and face lotion 10oz. It is a black bottle. (clearanced)

J&J Buy $25 and get 10RR
These qualify for the promo and the Coloring Book IVC

  • 15 oz Johnsons bedtime lotion- white AND purple bottles- these are more expensive than the other lotion
  • 15 oz Johnsons pink lotion- cheaper than bedtime.
  • 14 oz baby oil- aloe vera and pink lid regular


MATH ON TRIAL DOVE BARS: .99 x 8 =7.92 and get $10RR

MATH ON 3.15 DOVE BARS: .99(AD CPN) x 8 =7.92 and get $10RR
MQ: in ad WAGS cpn

MATH ON DOVE TRIAL DEO: .99 x 8 =7.92 - 6 (qty 4 - 1.50/2) = 1.92 and get $10RR
MQ: 1/18RP $1.50/2 deo or body mist. no size restriction

MATH ON LOTION: 2.70 - 1.50 = 1.20 and get 2.00 RR
MQ: 1/18RP there are $1/1 and $1.50/1 depends on the lotion. some lotions will be cheaper.

MATH ON J&J: well you have to hit the $25 mark, all area’s are different in price. But if you use the mft cpn $1/1 and the coloring book cpn this could be a break even scenario when you get the RR. You will have OOP unless you buy overage stuff.
MQ: 1/1 from 1/4RP and 3/8 RP

MATH ON COLGATE MAXFRESH: 3.29 - 1/1 =2.29 and get 3.29 RR
MQ: 1/1 from 02-22-09 SS

12.99 – 4mq – 10 easy saver = -1.01

7.99 – 2 mq = 5.99 and get $8 RR

At Wags today I got Mylanta classic mint on clearance for $1.59 and Mylanta ultimate mint for $2.19. There is a $4 off 2 MQ AND a $1/1 MQ in the 1/4RP and a $2 IVC (in monthly easysaver book). Big overage!
**note- some stores have different prices- $1.39 for classic, $1.79 for ultimate.
***note- you would have to buy at least $4 worth so the mnf cpn does not beep. So a combination of the classic mint and ultimate mint to equal at least $4. Also- mnf cpn first, wags second (although sometimes this does not matter)

Some Examples-
Classic mint x 3 = $4.77
$2 IVC (would deduct $6)
Overage = $6.23

Ultimate mint x 2 = $4.38
Use $4/2
$2 IVC (would deduct $4)
Overage = $3.62

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